The D. J. Marcus Law Firm

Business Law

The D. J. Marcus Law Firm LLC is a Denver, Colorado, firm specializing in helping small businesses. We provide tax planning and tax preparation services to both individual and small business clients and can help with incorporation, LLC and LLP formation, and corporate structuring and restructuring in the State of Colorado. Our firm also specializes in helping established businesses maintain compliance with state and federal tax regulations. We can also assist in resolving business disputes through negotiation and litigation.

Our practice involves both for-profit and non-profit entities. We’re experienced in helping Non-Profit-Organizations obtain and maintain tax-exempt status.

We also have the skill and knowledge to effectively solve a wide range of tax-related disputes. The firm has represented clients before state and federal tax agencies both regionally and nationally, with experience in tax litigation (civil and criminal), audits, examination, collection, penalty abatement, offers-in-compromise, claims for refund, and criminal tax investigation.

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